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FAQ 2014 


HOW MAY I RESERVE A TRIP?  Reserving a trip is as easy as going to our reservations page: LOCATED HERE
Simply submit the form, and we will send you a confirmation with the request for deposit within 48 Hours. Once the deposit is made, your trip will be considered “confirmed” and we will forward other information regarding your trip. Don’t like forms, no worries, we can call you! Just e-mail us when you would like to be contacted and we will call you!

HOW MAY I PAY FOR A TRIP?  We take VISA/MASTERCARD, PAYPAL and electronic bank transfers. Want to save, ask us about the electronic bank transfer discount. Please note that all trips must be paid in EUROS and transaction fees are not the responsibility of 3F Sports SL.

WHAT IF I NEED TO CANCEL? We do our best to be flexible! If you need to cancel the general terms and conditions are available here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS.*

*In some cases, there exists special terms and conditions. When this is the case, you will be advised in writing before booking/reserving a trip


DO I NEED A PASSPORT TO ENTER SPAIN / EU? If you are coming from outside the EU, you will need a passport. Please ensure that you do not any additional VISA or entry permissions. Be sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond your planned departure date.

WHICH AIRPORT SHOULD I TRAVEL IN/OUT OF? We always advise the airports we will use with the confirmation of any trip. For Mallorca camps, the airport you will use is PMI – Palma de Mallorca. Should you need to use a different airport, date, time than specified in your trip confirmation, please advise us and we will do our best to accommodate you.* We always suggest that you do not book air-travel until you have received your trip confirmation. We REQUEST all travel itineraries no later than 3 weeks before the trip commencement.   *Additional charges may apply and we will advise you before booking.

CAN YOU BOOK OUR AIR TRAVEL? At the moment due to the legalities and operating licenses, no. That said, we can advise and are happy to steer you to either a professional travel agent or web-site which can assist you.

WHERE SHOULD WE MEET OUR DRIVERS AT THE AIRPORT? We Always meet at the “Meeting-point” international (dot with 4 arrows pointing inward) sign just outside the secure area of the arrivals hall.

WHEN SHOULD I EXPECT TO DEPART? We will typically provide your transport to the airport with a minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. We may be able to accommodate other times – on your risk.

CAN I BOOK MY OWN CAR? For many of trips yes, and we can provide the name of a good company. Please check with us first before making any arrangement to make sure it works with the trip logistics. We may be able to refund part of your trip fee, if we know your intentions well in advance. If refund or amendment of trip cost is made, you understand that we expect you to transport all your luggage, bikes, etc. Please check with us first to make sure there is ample space for parking etc. Any additional costs of parking, etc. are the responsibility of the guest.


WHEN DOES MY TRIP START/END? In general, your trip will start with us around 2p on the arrival day and 12p on the departure day. We ask all guests to vacate accommodations no later than 11a on the departure day. Please be sure to book your out-going air-travel before 2p.

I WANT TO ARRIVE EARLY OR STAY LATE, WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Arrivals/departures after the stated trip itinerary are the responsibility of the guests alone. 3F Sports SL is happy to assist you with pre/post trip accommodations, transfers etc. at an additional cost. Depending on the itinerary, we may be able to provide you transport to or  from one of our partner properties. Please contact us for details, pricing etc. Note that we may not be able to provide pick-ups at properties whom are not in partnership with us.

WILL THERE BE CHANGES IN TRIP ITINERARIES? In the rare case, we may need to amend a trip itinerary due to safety issues, or participants ability. We have your safety in mind and as our first priority and therefore we may elect to amend an itinerary.

ARE THE TRIP ITINERARIES FLEXIBLE? In some cases yes. We will try to accommodate your wishes when possible. At times, there will be an additional cost involved and we will advise you of any additional cost beforehand.


SHOULD I BRING MY OWN BIKE? There are positives and negatives to bringing your own bike. Obviously, having your own bike increase the joy and security you may experience during the trip. The downside are the airline bike fees and the risk you take of having your bike handled by the baggage handlers. 3F Sports SL cannot assume any responsibility for the mis-handling, loss, damage, or theft of any bikes.

ARE RENTAL BIKES AVAILABLE? Yes, we do our best to arrange the BEST rental bikes for our guests. Additionally, we typically are able to deliver the bikes to you. All bikes are equipped with a compact drive system.

BIKE SIZE, SET-UP FOR RENTALS? The more information and the earlier you are able to provide us with information regarding size, set-up the better chance for securing the best bike for you. We always suggest that you bring your own saddle and you MUST bring your own pedals. Please note that we will attempt to get a rental bike as close to your measurements as possible, but we are not able to change handle bars, cranks etc. 

WHAT GEARING SHOULD I USE? We suggest a compact gearing system for all of our trips! Though the grades might be fairly gentle for the most part here, it is the accumulation of distance and climbing that will catch-up to you.




DO I NEED ELECTRICAL ADAPTERS? Yes, most small electric appliances (cameras, cell phones, computers etc.) need only the plug adaptor to allow you to plug your North American electronics into a European 2 prong outlet. sells the adaptors for around 3.00 a piece – much cheaper than in the airport!

If you are unsure if you need additionally a converter, please let us know before you damage your appliance or the accommodation.


SHOULD I BRING MY CELL PHONE? Please bring your cell-phone with you. If you have an un-locked phone, ask us about cheap international options.


Does the accommodation offer access to WIFI? In general yes, though we cannot always guarantee access due to bandwidth limitations, weather, or other un-foreseen circumstances.


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN MY TRIP? Please see your trip description for inclusions. Anything not detailed in the inclusions, may not be included.

WHAT IS EXCLUDED? We never provide: air-travel, insurance (medical, travel, accident), alcohol (unless otherwise noted in inclusions), transfers beyond official trip itinerary, rental bike costs/insurance, any item not included in “INCLUSIONS.”  If some item is not clear, please ask.