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“This trip was absolutely superb, world class. We were treated like professional cyclists yet laid back and enjoyable. The rides were challenging but different everyday yet we were able to stay in same accommodation every night. I can’t say enough about how well we were taken care of.”
James Szarko

“Simply put, the trip and the experience was fantastic.  This was a 5 star adventure from start to finish.   The hosts were wonderful and the cycling was spectacular.  What made the hosts wonderful was that it was a small, family oriented group.   You were made to feel welcome not only by the person that ran the show, but his family, the community you were staying in, the hotel owners, and the people that you met on the streets.  The cycling was fantastic in that every day was “customized” with respect to the recommended ride agenda.  Each day ended up with a bit of a modified plan according to individual wants, ability, fatigue, weather, etc etc.  Now, it was a small group so that was part of it, but, that is where the value is in the trip.  Small group, customized to your every want and need.  Pretty cool I’d say. I can’t wait to go back.”  

John Wilson

“To: Ken Whepdale (3F Sports) & Gary Alexander (Gary Alexander Coaching)

 Thank you both so much for developing, planning and executing on the outstanding cycling trip to Mallorca I was lucky to be a part of from May 19th to June 2nd , 2015. I cannot imagine a better way to experience the cycling on the island and the Majorcan culture.

 I truly appreciate all the extra effort you both put in to accommodate our group’s varying schedules and cycling abilities.  From the time I was picked up at the airport in Palma to the time I was back on my  flight home,  everything was organized and professional with enough flexibility to meet our group’s needs and goals for the trip.

 The Hotel Turixant in Mancor de la Vall was fabuloso (as the Spanish would say) with a great mix of old world charm and modern amenities. The food each night at every restaurant Ken chose for us was spectacular and I experienced many dishes I have never ventured to try before. Who would of thought I would like rabbit or that there was even such thing as a Caesar salad pizza. As for the home made paella by Jero…..delish! The breakfast provided at the hotel each morning was perfect and really prepared me for the wonderful day of cycling that followed. All in all, the proprietors of the Hotel were amazing and they really made sure all our needs were met from first light until we all had retired for the evening. I would definitely stay there again.

 As for the cycling on the island itself, in my travels throughout Europe, I cannot think of a more beautiful and scenic area that can top Mallorca. Having Ken as our guide and Tony as our support driver taking us on roads less traveled by the usual cycling tourist really made each ride more memorable than my prior trips abroad. I think we managed to teach Tony some more English and I even picked up some Majorcan Spanish phrases from him. I will never forget the wonderful walled backroads that always lead us to a scenic village with a Church on top of a hill in the center of town. It was nice to know that if we did lose the group that Tony would go looking for us at the Church. The coffee or café con leche stops on the rides were always in amazing locations and a highlight of my day. I really embraced Ken’s philosophy of “little coffees more often”.

 Thanks again for the wonder experience and I will be back to join you guys on another adventure soon!”

 Cheers, John Miele

Ken Whelpdale at 3F Sports organized the trip of a lifetime for my partner Christopher Ruedy and I last October on the roads of Mallorca. After working for Backroads for 10 years, the bar was set pretty high. Ken exceeded all of our expectations by creating the perfect ride routes based on our fitness an for an 8 day trip, picked the finest hotels and made us feel right at home from the minute we met. I could go on for pages…bottom line, we plan on doing it again soon. We miss our new friend and can’t imagine a better vacation. Sarah Starbird – Self Guided 2013

Our training camp in Mallorca was extremely well run and all had a very good time. This was the result of very good organization and attention to detail by Ken and the rest of the 3F crew. Ken’s friendly demenour and easy going style along with relationships with elite level athletes such Katie and Mark really added a flavour to our experience that is hard to match. Ken gets two thumbs up from me… Rob McGory – Mallorca Cycling Camp

 I still feel like I can’t thank you enough for our fabulous trip! Wendy Iaconis – Custom Cycling Villa-based cycling trip

Last spring a bunch of us from Canada went to Mallorca for a cycling camp with Ken and what a fabbulous experience it was. Ken was great from first to the last hour, the rides were great, the support was awesome and the extra activities were a lot of fun. Alex Lima – Cycling Camp Mallorca

I trust Ken and 3F Sports with the planning and execution of all the logistic and operations for Team USA at the World Championship and Olympic Games. Ken is highly organized, detail oriented, has experience on multiple continents and brings a tremendous amount of energy. We are always searching for the one percent that will create a tipping point in our athletic performances, and operationally Ken is the one percent and the GOLD STANDARD. Jim Miller, VP Athletics USA CYCLING

Ken and his company 3F Sports impeccably organized our training sessions with the Palma Arena for our Elite Endurance Track Team during our visit to Mallorca in February 2010, which contributed to our success during the Track World Championships. In May, Ken assisted in showing us potential accommodation and training venues in Mallorca. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to service World Class Teams.
Doug Dailey – British Cycling

It’s a tough job dealing with many different ages, levels and attitudes but Ken handles all of this well and I look forward to seeing him each year now.
Jonathan Page, Professional CX Racer

When thinking back to both trips that I was part of as a proud parent special for different reasons. I try to always assess the locations and think back to when I was an athlete would I like these accommodations to prepare for a big competition. In both places I would have to say that you chose a great property to accomplish just that. Stuttgart was a very nice location and the food was good and very family feeling for the athletes. Australia was outstanding. The location for the athletes was perfect for all of them to train safely away from traffic and personally the walks along the ocean were just what the doctor ordered.
John Vande Velde, Parent and past Olympian – Road World Championsips 

We have had the great pleasure and good fortune to work with Ken in several countries both as part of a group in cycling adventures and individually as ardent tourists. In every case, Ken’s performance has exceeded our expectations and added to our life experiences. He is efficient, conscientious, extremely knowledgeable and works very hard to make sure your needs are not only well known, but more importantly met. He also has a great sense of humor and never seems stressed or taken aback regardless of the situation encountered.We always feel like “family” when working with Ken and can’t wait for his able assistance on our next adventure.
Mike Fields, Las Vegas, BMX WORLDS 

Whether you join us for a Worlds Event or cycling tour / camp – one thing will be guaranteed – An authentic off the hook good time!