Have you tried the 3F Sports experience? 

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at comparable trips etc. and what I’ve found is that almost everyone claims that they have World Class experience. On first read, it appears that almost everyone is prepared to treat you like a pro on one of their trips. Obviously, the definition is vague and leaves a lot open to interpretation. As I admit, marketing (I’m far from World Class), internet and flashy web-site – all done econo through trial and error, but when it comes to taking care of guests needs, I clearly have what it takes. Primarily this means being a bit intuitive at times and planning for the unexpected or the percentages. These are small differences, and may go unnoticed most of the time, but when the case arrives I can assure you that my experiences have made me ready to serve you!

At Road Worlds this year in Ponferrada, some of the staff began discussing number of World Championships which they have worked and it made me think that I should actually write everything out. Afterall, I will have managed more than 50 Worlds teams before I reach my half century birthday! Have a look below, you will see nearly every continent and a wide range of experience noted. When you’re ready for a pro experience, check out our TRIPS