Less Coffee..More Often..Our guide to drinking COFFEE!

Here in Mallorca, the only Starbucks is in the airport! The old-school method of coffee drinking/relaxing is alive and well. You may find a coffee to go….but not outside Palma and don’t look for a café, coffee is served in Bars! As well,  forget about those huge lattes and cappuccinos of various complexity – here it is coffee, espresso with or without milk!!


Café Solo – Espresso in all its singular glory!

Café Doble – Double espresso – like above, but twice as fun!

Café Cortado – Espresso with just a tiny touch of milk. Literally, café “cut” with milk. Our favorite and acceptable to drink anytime!!

Café Con Leche – Espresso with milk in equal portions. Like a latte with less milk.

Café Americano – Espresso with more water, resulting in a milder flavor.

All the above can typically be had in the less pure and more sedate version – descafeinado, though we suggest only drinking such after 3p!