RE-CAP 2015

Since our last post in News, we have created and managed countless teams and cycling events in 2015, covering 5 different disciplines of cycling in Mallorca, Canada, Belgium, Andorra, the USA and Brazil. It has been a whirl wind year full of great strides, gains and all logged as learning experiences to continue to refine, improve and strive towards and beyond excellence.

In Mallorca, we hosted countless weeks of trips with Live-it Cycling, Train Right Systems, Mallorca 312 and other private guests. It is always a great joy sharing our intimate knowledge of Mallorca with our guests. Years of living and working on Mallorca has allowed us to refine our trips. Some of these items are as small as know from which direction to most safely access a road to know that one café is head and shoulders better than another across a plaza. May not seem like big issues, but once they all add up they contribute to the difference between and really good cycling trip and an unbelievably outstanding trip.

In July, I headed off to my home of Toronto for Pan Am Games. Not heard of the Games? Essentially, they are mini-Olympics where nations of the America’s confederation compete in Olympic Sports. The Pan Am Games are always the year before the Olympic Games, so in essence they become a great training and testing environment for our systems and plans. Straight for the Pan Am Games, I was off to Belgium for BMX Worlds in Zolder – Always a huge task, with 130+ amateur athletes and 20 Professionals on-site!   Again without a hitch, we won many medals and though we were all challenged by the schedule change and weather on Saturday, we persevered and took home medals in nearly every category.

Thankfully, I was able to spend a good part of August in Mallorca! August is HIGH season here in Mallorca, but the mountain villages and roads remain quiet. Unfortunately, it is also high season for my events as well.

By the end of August, I was on my way to Andorra with the MTB Team. If you have not visited the Pyrenees and Andorra, put it on your bucket list! Amazing views and climbs with deep valleys and unbelievable food. We closed MTB Worlds with a bit of disappointment as the results were a bit on the shallow side. After brief trip home, it was nearly on the next gig – Road Worlds in Richmond VA. I was super proud to be part of this team which won 7 medals (more than any other nation.) As well, everyone brought their A+ game – the staff was flawless and the riders motivated. Further, the local fans were amazing, coming out to support all the events! As well, during the final weekend, 3F Sports hosted many A-list companies on the start/finish line hotel: Oakley, SRAM, Garmin Cycling Team, Specialized and some VIP individuals. Looking back, that is a wonderful group of people to have provided VIP services.

From Richmond, it was straight to RIO for the BMX and MTB Test events. Like London, Rio is quickly becoming a second home for me. Certainly there are challenges, but as our recently retired CEO use to say: “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Preparation and toughness are essential to success, both are in development in regards to RIO.

Now, I’m home and already planning for Cyclocross Worlds in Zolder and a BUSY spring and summer. We some degree of luck, we will check-in before Spring 2016.